Ski the Loup Loup Nordic Trails


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Winter Recreation Code of Ethics



I will respect all public and private property and the rights of all winter recreationists to enjoy the beauty


I will park considerately without blocking other vehicles or impeding access to trails.


I will keep to the right when meeting other winter recreationists and yield the right of way to downhill traffic.


I will slow down and use caution when approaching or overtaking another.


I will respect designated areas, trail use signs and established ski tracks


When stopping, I will not block the trail.


I will not disturb wildlife and will avoid areas posted for their protection or feeding.


I will not litter, and i will pack out everything I packed in.


I realize that my destination and travel speed are determined by my equipment, ability, terrain, weather and traffic on the trail.  In case of an emergency, I will volunteer assistance.


 I will not interfere with or harass other's recognizing that people judge all skiers or snowmobilers by my actions


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